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Casino Slot Machine Tips

If you go to play in a real casino, you can definitely use the following three slot machine skills.

  1. Standard deviation method. Using this slot machine skill requires players to have great patience. First, you have to find a machine that distributes bonuses proportionally (for example, if you bet 8 yuan, you can get 80 coins), then play until you win, and then play until you win the second time. Count how many times you have played in total. After about ten times, you will know how many times you need to play each time you win. Now you can find a machine with a high return rate and start playing!
  2. After learning the standard deviation method, you can also play like this: suppose you estimate that you need to win once and you need to play six times, then when you have won once, you might as well bet the minimum amount to play five or six times; and If you have played five or six times, you can safely bet on the next hand.
  3. Play a machine with a high return rate. The return rate of a machine is usually marked on the machine. The higher the rate of return, the better for you, because you are more likely to win prizes.
  4. If a player has been playing the same machine but has not won the prize, you can play this machine after he / she leaves. Statistically speaking, you should not be far from hitting the jackpot at this time!