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When playing Pai Gow online, if we want to win in the game, we pay attention to strategy and game skills. Therefore, winning in the game is not an easy task. What are the licensing techniques for pushing Pai Gow games? How to play Push Pai Gow to win easily? Let’s take a look together.

Using the technique of Pai Gow, ordinary Pai Gow sitting on the bank can achieve a random number of dice playing; casually flipping the cards and shuffling the cards can be assigned to cards that are larger than others; pressing the bank without moving the cards or stealing cards. In addition, some people have discovered some tricks in “Pushing Pai Gow”, as follows:

  A. Small four doors: This kind of method is to take out 4 and 5 and use a horse to dent the 4 and 5 cards. The official’s cards are trimmed at both ends. In this way, when the card is held in the left hand, the right hand holding the card in the right hand, draw a few 4 and 5 to the top. In this way, 9-point cards, 8-point cards, and double cards can be obtained.

  B. Five cards; when shuffling the cards. Choose two big ideas, make the first to fifth cards, when the cards are shuffled and put them down by hand, hook 5 or 6 cards with your finger to put them down.

No matter what dice you play, when it’s your turn to draw a card, you just need to put down the card in your hand and draw one to start, so that the big idea you have made is yours. c One-stop: First turn the cards over and see that the top 4 cards are 4, 5, 6, and 7 on the top, and then separate them by hand and separate them in the deck. The first step is to find a 6 and place it on the right hand. One card, keep 4 cards in the right hand when shuffling the cards, and then put the 6 cards in the left hand on top of 4, 5, 6, and 7. The second step is to find a 7, and place it according to the push, but the right hand card should be 5 Zhang, the third step is to find an 8 with 6 in the right hand, and the fourth step is to find a 9, with 7 in the right hand, follow the way. When shuffling cards, you can disrupt 6, 7, 8, 9, but one point must be grasped. The first idea must be the smallest, and then hang down. As promised, as long as the pile does not hit 5, it will be the opposite of the pile. (Then get started) The idea must be bigger than the previous one.

Another kind of one-stop is to pre-arrange a card of a similar type to the card to be played. Use the above method to install it, from large to small. When the middle of the game is played, take time to replace the pre-installed cards. This kind of result is even more Good, but when making cards, 5 and 9 should be placed at the top, so you can succeed.

No matter whose card it is, when the big card is in your hand, use your sharpened thumb to click on the card (such as a card). When it is your turn to deal, when your thumb presses on the convex point of your nail , The right hand draws a card from under the opened card, and let the big card be dealt again. Although this method cannot be used to blow the chaff to see the rice, it needs some time to practice, and only use it if you are well-trained. .

Learn to play the Pai Gow game, and be able to use the skills of the Pai Gow game reasonably, only then can you benefit from the online gaming platform and gain something in the Pai Gow game.