Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Games

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Online games have advantages and disadvantages for us.

The advantage: Develop intelligence

Improve the coordination of hands and brain, improve reaction ability, and relax people’s mood; some games have a certain historical background, which can make players interested in this period of history to learn more; in virtual society Seek a true self in the game, such as Moore Manor, QQ pet, etc.; playing business games can improve one’s own business ability; nurturing games can make people find a kind of spiritual sustenance, and learn to take care of others in the future.

The disadvantage: 1. Affect physical and mental health

Elementary school students are in a critical period of physical and mental growth. It is very important to develop good learning and living habits. Indulging in online games for a long time will cause people to become mentally dependent, reduce their immune function, cause cardiovascular disease, tension headaches, anxiety, depression, etc., and may even lead to death.

The disadvantage: 2. Affect academic work

Among the majority of middle school online game players, 80% of their classmates are at the middle or lower level. Over-playing games can lead to: decreased self-discipline ability; decreased interest in learning, decreased efficiency, failure to complete homework on time, decreased grades, and in severe cases, tiredness of school, skipping classes, and dropouts may occur.

The disadvantage: 3. Inducing crime.

Some students have long been addicted to virtual online games, do not need to face the setbacks in reality, do not need to accept social norms and other people’s supervision, and can vent as they please. If things go on like this, hidden dangers will be laid for violent crimes. It can be described as follows: Primary school students have limited self-control, and the appeal of the Internet is unlimited.

The pros and cons of things are just like this. There are pros and cons, mainly depending on how you use it and how to grasp it. We should have a good understanding of these two aspects, make good use of and improve them, and then we can really benefit from them.

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